Mission Statement

The Okaloosa Law Enforcement Benevolent Association is a non-profit organization established to benefit the families of Law Enforcement Officers seriously injured in the line of duty through support and financial assistance.

Association Goal

Established in 2008, the Okaloosa Law Enforcement Benevolent Association endeavors to strengthen the relationship between the region’s Law Enforcement community, business and community leaders and its citizenry through demonstrated support and respect for the officers and families that have made the ultimate sacrifice.

The families of these brave Officers are supported by the Departments and other organizations, but as one might imagine, the cost in terms of financial, emotional, and psychological support is overwhelming. Other, perhaps less known, risks associated with being a Police Officer are the stresses of the job.

Through your generous contributions, the Association is able to help the officers and families alleviate many of these mounting hardships. By supporting these initiatives, our public-private partnership provides the Okaloosa Law Enforcement Benevolent Association with the means to achieve our goals. It is a sign to all the citizens of our region, as well as our nation, that Okaloosa’s corporate family and business leaders care about its Law Enforcement Officers and their families. Your support is a reminder that when troubled times arise, we come together, as families do, and provide comfort, support, and protection for one another.